Sunday, 29 January 2012

I should probably start off by warning/apologising to any one who reads this for my inability to ever post regularly. 
though having said that i do intend to start posting more often...
yeah right.

Progress has been slow and painful the last couple of weeks, with only a few pages completed and I'm now expecting to get the first issue out sometime around March (so knowing me, march 2013...)

However i've now freed up some time in my week for the very purpose of drawing aforementioned issue so its looking better (i'll still overrun, we all know it) 

in the meantime here are a few pictures to make this blog look less dull... yeah i know, never happening right?
well, we can dream ey.

 Desktop (covered in crap)
W.I.P page 
Script doodle

Farewell for now

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